Helpful Tips for Securing a WordPress Website – Sacramento

It’s vital to keep your WordPress website safe and secure. Now that WordPress has become the big dog in building websites in Sacramento and around the globe, it’s important that you take a few steps to protect your work and your business.

Here we’ll look at 7 ways to help improve and maintain your WordPress site’s security.

  1. The obvious one that often people don’t pay enough attention to is a Secure Username and Password! It’s a pain but give yourself a mega-password. Hack scanners can quickly break simple passwords. Here’s an example of an easy to remember password that is secure. !BobJones3#$

    Also, never use a username of admin or administrator.

  2. Use a reCAPTCHA to verify it’s a human. Most of the hacking attempts are using automated botnets. This helps eliminate most of them.
  3. Keep your WordPress Updated. Many of the new releases are simply security and maintenance updates. Check for an inexpensive service that does all of this for you.
  4. Use only quality themes and plugins. Sometimes free, can be quite costly. Don’t get me wrong, I love free but do your research.
  5. Don’t overload your site with plugins. There is always a shiny new object. Again do your research. How many people are using the plugin? How often is it updated? Do you really need it? Too many plugins slow your site and can often conflict. Delete ones you are not using.
  6. Set your file and folder permissions correctly. As a basic rule, WordPress folders should always have 0755 permissions, and WordPress files should always have 0644
  7. If your budget will allow, use a managed hosting service like which is also offered through and

WordPress Manages Security