Need Help With WordPress?

Tech-Line, CABizHost and IMarkHosting have teamed-up to bring WPSanity to Sacramento.

Sanity is the opposite of Insanity and if you’re managing a WordPress site you’re already familiar with insanity. Keeping everything up-to-date is vital to the security and functionality of a WordPress website. As WordPress is becoming the most desired platform for building and managing a website, the demands of maintaining it becomes a major distraction to the actual authoring of your content.

WPSanity To The Rescue!

WPSanity takes the insanity of site maintenance out of the picture and lets you run your business. We check and manage the updates and maintenance needs of your site daily. We offer HelpDesk services and should your site get compromised, we provide support to help remedy the problems with no additional cost in most situations.

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WordPress Maintenance Sacramento